Letter from the Permanent Secretary for Education!

Last year we were lucky to host a visit from the Permanent Secretary for Education, Chris Wormald. He had heard about all of the great work being done at Fox Hill, the massive improvements that have been made and our new school build. He was extremely pleased with what he saw and said that he would stay in touch with the school and looked forward to seeing things continue to improve. Last week we received a letter from Mr Wormald congratulating the staff and children for our record results. He said that everyone involved with the school should be proud of the immense achievement and that this reflected our commitment to high standards and excellent staff and teaching. He also asked for us to convey his thanks to our families for all of your support in making Fox Hill a great school. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Snow Day January 29

Today we are really proud of all of our children for making it in to school despite the extreme weather conditions.

Learning carried on as normal all day but we ended the afternoon with a special whole school ‘Build a snowman’ competition. It was great to see all of the children working together and our older children supporting the younger ones to build a whole family of snow people. Here are a few photos of the fun we had!

photo 1 photo photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

Goldilocks and the three bears

This month, Shiregreen Community Centre’s 6 o’clock club proudly presented their show of “Goldilocks and the three bears”. This was a great show for all of the family with lots of laughs. We hope everyone who attended enjoying booing the bad witch and singing along with the bears!


We were really proud that two of our children, Hana and Summer, took part in this special show. Well done!


Immersive Experience: Going on a plane to Brazil

To help launch our new Key Stage 1 topic all about Brazil and introduce the children to their new immersive classrooms, the children all took a special trip on Fox Hill Airlines!

The children had to create their own passports and take these up to our special check in desk to receive their boarding cards.

Check in

They then had to make their way through Fox Hill Airport to the departure gate. Here they had to go through passport control and board the aircraft.

Passport controlBoarding gate

Once on board, the  children were presented with a safety demonstration and had to read their special safety card. Then we were ready to set off for Brazil. During the flight, the children were able to read special brochures about Brail and watch in flight entertainment to help them learn all about the country and culture.

On the plane Over Brazil

We viewed maps to show the course taken by the plane and we soon made our way to Rio de Janeiro Airport. We looked out of the windows and could see the landscape and landmarks below including the statue of Christ the Redeemer. We watched the plane as we came into land and then disembarked to make our way through customs.

Take off

The children had a fantastic journey and a great start to their new topic!