Key Stage 1 Trip to Trapeiros Brazillian Restaurant

As part of our Key Stage 1 geography topic about Brazil and as one of our special Fox Hill Guarantees all of the children had a special trip to Trapeiros Brazilian restaurant. The children were able to take part in the restaurant experience by ordering, selecting and sampling a range of different Brazilian dishes. The children had a fantastic time and their behaviour was so fantastic that we received a special email from the staff at Troperios to praise the children and say how much they had enjoyed hosting the event.

KS1 Tropiros visit tropeiro-restaurant

Y6 Beautiful work

Our Y6 children have been busy working on developing their art skills. Through the process of critique and multiple-drafting they have produced some amazing pieces of work based on painting of Georgia O’Keeffe.
Here are some examples of their work:






Let’s all be proud

This half term out PSHCE topic is “Good to be me” linked to our key skill of self-esteem. We will be doing work in class and assemblies this half term to explore to explore these themes. Check out our new display board to see different things we are proud of and that promote self-esteem.


100 Days of Maths!

This week in Key Stage 1, the children explored the number 100 on their 100th day in school. The children enjoyed working in the different classrooms on themed activities around the number 100. In Miss Fletcher’s class children used an app to age a photograph of themselves to show how they would look age 100. They then had to write what they think they would know, learnt or have done by that age and they also made 100 days smarter hats. In Mrs Richards’ class the children looked at images of futuristic cars and discussed what features they would like a car of the future to have. They then designed and labelled their own cars. The children also undertook a maths challenge to make 100 in different ways using numicon,base ten and beads . In Miss Hewitson’s classroom the children estimated and tested what they could do in 100 seconds using stop watches. The children also had to make a structure using 100 cups using their team working skills. All the children in Key Stage 1 made a handprint and worked in collaboration to make a 100 hands tree as a collaborative wall hanging for the new school. The day also gave the children chance to reflect on the importance of being in school and how good attendance helps our learning. The children all really enjoyed the day and have requested a 200 days of school day!

Y3 American Sale – Exhibition of learning

This morning the children in our Y3 class prepared and presented their exhibition of learning by running an American sale in their classroom. The children practised their maths skills selling different items such as milkshakes, sandwiches, snacks and more. They were able to use their skills to calculate change and talk about the learning they had done. Well done Y3!

Y3 American Sale

Reading Together Workshop

Tonight we held a special “Reading together” workshop in our Main Hall between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

This event was organised by our Reading Champion, Mrs Daniels, and was a fantastic opportunity to come in to school to look at exciting ways to practice reading at home. We had a brilliant response from our families and lots of children attended and took part in the various activities on offer. This included learning some new games, looking at reading strategies and finding out how to download free books on the ipads! We also had a special book stall with some great books on sale.

DSCF7290 DSCF7296

Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer internet day 2015Today in school we reminded ourselves of our important e-safety rules and how to keep safe online as part of the national Safer Internet Day 2015. We started the day with a special assembly in which we looked out our SMART rules and watched a cartoon by CEOP about how to spot the possible dangers online. Classes then took part in special lessons to help revise these key messages. Check out our e-safety resources on our website to find out more!

We’re going on a bear hunt!

On Tuesday 3rd February, we held a special event in school called “We’re going on a bear hunt!”

For this event, children came back after school to learn all about this special book, join in with craft activities and then we all went on a bear hunt together.

Thank you to all of the children and their families who came along. We hope you had a fantastic time.

Big thanks to Mrs Daniels, our school Reading Champion, for organising this great evening.

Bear Hunt 2 Bear Hunt