Y3 House Team poems linked to our vision!

As part of their literacy work, the children in Y3NH/RD have been working in their house teams to create some special poems. The children had to work together to brain storm words that they thought linked well to our whole academy vision and then create their own acrostic poem. I went to hear the children present their poems and was really impressed both with the content but also with their performance. Well done Y3! Here are their poems:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Healthy Week 2015

Each year at Fox Hill Primary we hold a special theme week called “Healthy Week”. This is to help the children to learn all about healthy life choices such as sensible food choices and the importance of regular exercise. This year the children had the chance to join in with a wide variety of different lessons and workshops.

This included our Key Stage 2 classes taking part in healthy eating workshops with representatives from Quorn. The children were able to learn all about healthy meal options and had the chance to make their own tasty (and healthy!) wrap.

healthy week 2015 1


The Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Integrated Resource classes had healthy food tasting sessions with Mr Clayton and our catering team.

healthy week 2015 2

The children also took part in activities to learn all about the importance of regular exercise and this included the chance to take part in special “Smartie Pilates” session.

healthy week 2015 3


Sports Day 2015!

On 25th June 2015 we held our annual Sports Day for all of the children at Fox Hill Primary. For the first time, children were able to compete in their new House Teams!

In the morning, children in FS2 and Key Stage 1 had their special morning and were able to take part in a variety of sports and activities such as obstacle course, skipping, races and more!

In the afternoon, the Key Stage 2 children took part in their Sports Day. Their activities included sprints, javelin, hurdles and more.


Overall, the winners of the day were:

FS2 and Key Stage 1: Yellow Tigers

Key Stage 2: Red Panthers

Well done to all of the children for showing real Fox Hill team spirit and thank you to all of our families for attending this special event.

IMG_0713 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0719 IMG_0720

Crucial Crew Trip

Crucial Crew

On 23rd June 2015 as part of Healthy Week, the children in Y6 visited Crucial Crew. Crucial Crew is a personal safety educational programme delivered to Key Stage 2 pupils in Year 6 of primary school (10 and 11-year-olds) at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham.

The programme has been running since 2005 in conjunction with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and in partnership with Local Authorities, First Buses, Her Majesty’s Court Service (HMCS), NHS Trusts and the Safe@Last charity.

The children were invited to spend the day at the Lifewise Centre on the set, which is used to work through a series of real-life scenarios related to personal safety in a interactive and exciting way.

The scenarios cover issues such as arson, hoax calls, road safety, fire safety, travel safety, Internet safety, and antisocial behaviour.

The children had a fantastic time and were able to come back into school to share their learning. Fantastic standards of behaviour again – Well done Y6!

Crucial crew 2

Y6RR Breakfast Meeting

On Friday 12th June it was Y6RR turn to have a Breakfast Meeting with Mr Revill.

It was a lovely meeting with the children sharing their thoughts about school, what was great and what could be improved on. Key discussions were around more equipment for the playgrounds, when and what type of playground markings we will be having and the Y6 Leavers Party.

Thank you Y6 for an informative and enjoyable meeting.

Y6 Breakfast Meeting June 2015

Yellow Tigers House Party

Last half term our winning house team was the Yellow Tigers! Well done for collecting the most house points.

The children (and staff) in the Yellow Tigers Team were able to celebrate in style this afternoon at their special party. Ice cream sundaes were enjoyed by all followed by party games in the Main Hall.

Let’s see who our next winning team will be!

Ice creams Party time

Y6 Residential to Edale

This year our Y6 children celebrated their time in school by going on a special residential trip to Edale Youth Hostel. Whilst at the hostel, the children (and staff!) were able to join in with a wide range of fun activities and experiences. These included exploring the local area, adventure trails, archery, problem solving games and more! The children had a brilliant time and were fantastic ambassadors for Fox Hill. Here are  few photographs to show you what they got up to!

Archery Den building Edale Making camp On the walk Problem solving